2013 EHS and Sustainability Software Survey


Data management is a big and important challenge for EHS and sustainability managers. What approach is best for your company - build something internally or buy something “off-the-shelf”? How much should you spend? Who should have access to the system? Who should maintain it?


To help you answer these questions and more, NAEM is conducting a software benchmarking survey among corporate EHS and sustainability managers. The results will reveal how companies manage data, what they are spending to implement and maintain their data management solutions and the most common capabilities of these systems. The report will also feature lessons learned from companies on the implementation of these systems and share insights on critical success factors.

The survey is now closed, but NAEM will share highlights from the research during the EHS and Sustainability Software Conference. Benchmark with your peers in-person and learn how they manage their EHS and sustainability data by attending this exciting conference.


The full results will be published in February and available for download in a free report. In it, you will find answers to the following questions:


  • Which approaches are companies taking to manage data? And why?  
  • What are the most important business drivers for implementing a new management information system?
  • How much do the systems cost to implement and maintain?
  • What are typical budgets for companies of different sizes and industries?
  • What are the most frequently implemented system capabilities?
  • How do companies use the information they collect?
  • Is the system maintained by EHS, IT or other resources?
  • How do users rank the effectiveness of their current systems? 



To learn more about this project, contact Fletcher Fields.

NAEM Benchmarking


NAEM's benchmarking surveys are a major benefit of corporate membership. To see how your EHS or sustainability program stacks up against others, contact us about joining as a corporate member today.

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